Interlibrary Loan

The interlibrary loan and document delivery services enable access to the resources that are currently not held in our university library collections for all faculties, staff members, and students in our university. According to cooperation aggreements, our library also provides the collections of our collections for readers of our cooperative universities and institutions.

For document resources not yet collected by our library, readers can request them through interlibrary loan or document delivery services.

Note that
Before submitting the online application for document delivery, readers should make sure that our library has not collected the requested documents in hardcopy or electronic form.

A. Document Delivery Service through CALIS & CASHL
1. CALIS users can register and log in through .(附:calis文献传递注册流程
2. CASHL users can register and log in through( ). After retrieving the required literature, readers can make online requests for document delivery by clicking the buttons of "Document Delivery" and "Send Document Delivery Request". Readers can also request foreign literature resources of Humanities and Social Science through CASHL.

B. Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery with National Library of China & Shanghai Library
1. Readers of our university can borrow some documents collected by the National Library of China. Among them, original copies of Chinese books and some foreign books in the basic stack room can be borrowed, and some other types of documents can be transferred through the document delivery service.
2. Faculty and students of our university can borrow the paper books from Shanghai Library, and request docoment delivery for other types of documents.
Readers who borrow from the National Library of China or Shanghai Library need to search the literature on CALIS Inter-lending & Document Supply platform and submit an application through(。

C. Document Delivery through National Science and Technology Library (NSTL)
NSTL has a wealth of scientific and technological foreign literature resources, with more than 26000 printed foreign literature, including more than 17000 foreign language journals and 8000 foreign language conference proceedings. After NSTL document delivery service (University version) is opened, readers can submit NSTL document delivery application through CALIS document delivery system. The specific way is to log in to E platform,select "NSTL" and submit online request。

D.Document Delivery Fee:
In order to support learning and scientific research needs of teachers and students, the cost of document delivery service is fully borne by the library. The library will do its best to make it free!

Mon - Fri        8:00——12:00      14:00—17:30(In winter)
                                                        14:30—18:00(In summer)(Not available through university vacations and holidays)

F.Contact Us
Information Consulting Department
Phone Number:0631-5688793

Copyright Notice:

The use of documents delivered by the library of Shandong University at Weihai should be for personal study or research only, and must not be for any profit-making activity. Users must abide by the Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China and other corresponding copyright regulations.


Interlibrary loan service with Harbin Institute of Technology (Weihai) library

Our library and  Harbin Institute of Technology(Weihai) Library have signed an interlibrary cooperation agreement. Students, staff and faculty of our university can directly visit Harbin Institute of Technology(Weihai) Library with their library card.

1. Readers can directly log in OPAC public query system of Harbin Institute of Technology(Weihai) Library to query the book collection information of Harbin Institute of Technology(Weihai) Library. The use method is the same as that of the OPAC public query system of our library. 
2. Readers of our university library enjoy the same borrowing rights as the readers of the same type in Harbin Institute of Technology(Weihai) Library.The details are as follows:

User Type    
Borrowing Volumes   
Borrowing Period    
Faculty and Staff