About the Library
   Overview of Library

The Library of Shandong University at Weihai was founded in 1987. It moved to the new library building in 2003. The total building area of the new library amounts to 23,000 square meters, and its main building has 12 stories, with central control air conditioners, automatic fire control equipments, and electronic monitoring equipments and so on. The new library provides about 1,823 seats and full wireless network coverage for readers. Through industrious endeavors by librarians and several years of accumulating, the collection now amounts to nearly 1,680,000 items. So far, the library has held more than 30,000 issues of bound-edition newspapers and periodicals, more than 2,400 kinds of periodicals in Chinese and foreign languages, and over 130 kinds of newspapers. In addition to printed books and periodicals, the library also has more than 200 databases in Chinese and foreign languages, and many electronic documents like audio-visual material and CD-ROMs.

In order to facilitate readers to make full use of the collected documents, the library provides open-shelf service for readers with integrative management of borrowing and reading. The opening time of the library is up to 98 hours a week, and it opens as usual on holidays.

In recent years, great developments have been achieved in automation and digital construction of the Library of Shandong University at Weihai. The new library now adopts the Integrated Huiwen Library Automatic Management System, which provides modules for OPAC, acquisition, cataloguing, circulation, educational references, serial publication control, etc. Additionally, it can retrieve other online commercial databases and self-built databases through gateway. In this way, working efficiency and service quality has been greatly improved. The information service environment for readers is becoming better and better.