Trainings & Courses

We offer two ways of reader training:

(1) Special lectures on the use of electronic resources

The special lectures on electronic resources held by the Information Consulting Department of the library aim to help readers understand all kinds of electronic resources and databases owned by our library, and master the methods and skills of using them.There are two ways to participate in the training:

1. Sign up for the regular "one hour special training"
2. The Institutes and departments in need shall contact the Information Consulting Department of the library to hold user training lectures within a certain range.
Telephone Number: 5688793

Please pay attention to the notice on the library website for training time.

(2) Information Retrieval Courses for Undergraduates

The information retrieval course offered by the Information Consulting Department is a liberal optional course for all undergraduates in the university. The course tries to make the students understand the types and characteristics of the current information, master the basic principles and methods of computer information retrieval, master the ways and methods of online information retrieval, and master the retrieval methods of several commonly used Chinese and foreign information databases in our university. This course has strong practicality, and students who take this course need to master basic computer application knowledge and simple word processing skills.