Seats Management

In order to protect the rights and interests of readers, and make equal use of reading seats in the library, the library introduces the reading seat management system to regulate and maintain the reading order. Please read the following rules of seat management system:

1. For the first time use, readers please pay attention to "I go to the library" on Wechat, and register withtheir  student ID and "My Lib" login password.
2. Through the official account, readers can make reservations for seats and select seats on site.
3. Seats can only be reserved one day in advance. The online seat reservation opening time is 12:30 every day.
4. Readers who have selected seats must set up "leave temporarily" or "release the seat" whenver they leave their seats.
5. If you leave the seat for more than 30 minutes, your seat will be considered given up, and the seat will be released automatically.
6. If you need to leave for more than 30 minutes, please release your seat for other readers.
7. For seats on library floors opening at noon: if you swipe your card to "leave temporarily" between 11:30 and 12:30, the seats will be reserved for 150 minutes.
8. During dinner time: if you swipe your card to "leave temporarily" between 17:00 and 18:00, the seats will be reserved for 90 minutes.
9. After three violations, the reader will be suspended from using the system for 7 days.
10.If a reader uses a seat without making reservation through the seat management system, once the seat is assigned by the allocation system, the seat should be given to the reservation maker immediately.    
11. You don't need to swipe your card when leaving less than half an hour before the library closes.
12. If there is any dispute over the use of seats, please find the staff on duty for coordination.